Saturday, August 3, 2013

The countdown is on!

Summer fun, can you believe it's almost over? It's almost time! All the planning and preparation, excitement and anxiety...We officially start our school year on Aug. 26th. I haven't been on the blogging grid AT ALL, for all the preparing. I'm very excited, to see the plan come together. I know we will have some trial and error, but over all, I am excited! We do school year round, but we've been on a very relaxed schedule of late. I am thinking of taking the next couple of weeks to build up to our full blown "official" schedule. You know, EASE into it? I have felt a little overwhelmed, but the upside prayer life has become much stronger! I just started using the Homeschool Mom's Bible. I love the words of inspiration and experience in the devotionals! I also scored "My Pretty Pink Bible Purse" on a trip to Ro$$, Lalalicious will love it! I've noticed a lot of people have started their school year already! How is it going? Be blessed in this somewhat hectic time! Tiffany (taffygrinch)*Kindersomething contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy in pages.*

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