Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Wrap Up, and a REVIEW!

Well, we've finally made it. We're down to our last weekend of summer! I feel like all I've done is plan, schedule, organize and clean (insert doubtful look around my house, and a sarcastic laugh.) However, looking back on the last few weeks, we've actually had some fun, AND managed to learn a few things along the way! I decided to do a brief Creation Science study, before jumping into our regular school year. I had bought "The World God Made" (Christian- Liberty Press by Edward J. Sherman) awhile back. It basically covers the seven days of, the whole world and everything in it! I have been thrilled with it, and the kids love it! I was actually going through it with just Lalalicious, and Obi Wan jumped right in! There are fun and EASY projects, and bright colorful pictures. (The pictures above show part of our liquid, vapor and solid study. And a cloud project.) They are very affordable! (Note: This book is for Grade K and has the lessons pretty spread out, where, I combined several lessons at a time.) This was a very fun summer study! If you're interested, search "The World God Made" on Hearts at Home store. Click Here to Checkout Hearts at Home Curriculum's LOW Prices! (Kindersomething contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy in "pages". I purchased this curriculum myself, and these are my own opinions.) This last week we took a lovely Lake Trip:Talk about Gods creation! And,what would the end of summer be, without a trip to Disney? So excited to get our school year started, but, am happy we had this time. #YOUCANNEVERGETTHISTIMEBACK! Here we go! Tiffany (taffygrinch)

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