Monday, August 26, 2013

We Did It!

First day of school, check! For the most part, we had pretty smooth sailing. I made it a point to get up BEFORE my kids...that's, very hard for me. (Have I mentioned, that I am NOT a morning person? I thank God for caffine every day!) I wanted to make the first day special, so we had a special breakfast, an early morning photo shoot, and a few fun surprises along the way. With Obi Wan, my pre-schooler, I'm trying to ease into the work load. With Lalalicious,(K) I am going full force and will ease up...gradually. I'm going to try to keep up the "fun" factor, hopefully everyone stays excited eager to learn! Feeling happy and blessed, Tiffany (taffygrinch)


  1. What are you doing with the Charolette's Web book?? I want to do something with that book this year for my Kindergartner, what resources did you use!?!

    Thanks :)

  2. I'm using a lit. Unit from confessions of a homeschooler. It's really fun! We're reading a chapter a day, 4 days a week. You should check it out!

    1. Thanks for the info! We are excited to start Charolette's Web in October :)

  3. Great pics - the chalk pictures are my favorite. =)