Friday, June 21, 2013

Learn along with me

So, this past year has been our homeschooling "trial run." Hits, misses, trial, and error, so on. We have learned a lot! My kids have grown by leaps and bounds. Lalalicious started reading, Obi Wan has improved around every turn, but.... I have learned too! I have learned that you CAN OVER prepare, my brain has been on homeschool overload! In the future, I will (try) to prepare and organize/file each project/subject as I get it, so I'm not so overwhelmed by the volume of "stuff!" I have also learned that, I need to be excited and enthusiastic about our work...or my kids won't be. Yes, I need to be organized, that's a given. But, I also need to be flexible. Flexibility is not easy for me. But, it's important to be able to redirect, restructure, and reschedule as needed to make the most of the learning experience. And, certainly not last or least: it's important to have support! Even if you don't know anyone else who is homeschooling, there is so much help, support and advice out there. I have gained so much from the homeschooling community at large, thank you! There's so much more, but, it's time for school! Be blessed, Tiffany (taffygrinch) p.s. These are some of our current favorite things! We use them every single day. (*This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy in "pages."*)

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