Thursday, June 13, 2013

CHEA! My first homeschool convention and a great curriculum GIVEAWAY!

This last week, I went to my very first homeschool convention! I should clarify, I only went for two hours flat. (Did I mention my husband was out of town this whole, last weekend?) But, I had pre-registered and happened to be at Disneyland (Where the convention took place,) on Thursday (the kickoff day,)doing our last trip in the park of the season. So, I checked in and got my information packet. This way, I could look through the program and know exactly where I wanted to go. Due to time restraints, I didn't attend any workshops. Essentially, it was a big SHOPPING TRIP! It was a fantastic opportunity to get my hands and eyeballs on actual curriculum, that I've only read about, up to this point. On Thursday night I went through the vendor list, located their booths on the map, and highlighted everything I wanted to see. Which, proved to be invaluable! It can be a little overwhelming. I had literally been saving "change" for months, every time I broke a bill, I would throw all the change in a jar. And, I would snatch up all the loose coins, out of pockets, the car, the couch....(before my kids could grab them!) This gave me a little mad money. I really enjoyed myself! Here are a few pictures of Disney fun! Speaking of shopping; Hearts at Home is having a giveaway! Shop the websight and put up to $75 of merchandise in your shopping cart (don't go over $75!,) enter the contest and someone will get their cart paid for!!!Click Here to Enter Now! Tiffany, (taffygrinch) *This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure policy in pages.*

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