Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's What's in the bag(s) Wednesday!?

I'm packing for a (short) weekend trip to my parents house. As I mentioned in my "get out of town! no really" post, I love being able to pack up school work and GO! I try to keep it as simple as possible. Since this is over a weekend, I printed up parts of (printable) packs for the kids. Fairy tales for Lalalicious and Pirates for Obi Wan. That's basically it! No laminating or magnetizing this time, just one and done! I put the loose bits in a file folder, I grabbed two clip boards, crayons, scissors, glue zots and dot markers. And that's all...for them anyway! What's in "Moms bag?" My homework!! I have been putting off 'prep'ing my Angry Birds pack of doom, (lots of cutting, magnets and velcro!) So I packed it, in hopes that I could get it done. And two teachers manuals (Write Shop and Explode The Code,) to read through. I realize it's a little early, but have a great weekend! Tiffany (taffygrinch) p.s. Pirates printable pack is from Over The Big Moon, Fairy Tales (K) from Homeschoolshare.com and spring dot pages from 3Dinosaurs

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