Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why I am Eclectic..

I truly believe that every teaching style has it's own unique benefits! Just as I also believe, every child, every teacher, every learning experience is different. We all take things in differently, we all process things differently. I have found, thus far... that dabbling in a little bit of everything, has helped me in many different ways. First, it has helped me identify, how my children learn. Where they thrive and where they need work. Second, it has helped me figure out MY teaching style. Where I am comfortable, and where I need to put in more of an effort. And third, it has helped me find new ways to do EVERYTHING! Using different methods and techniques, has not only challenged us to think harder, but also, has been so much more fun and interesting! I was homeschooled from fourth grade up. Back in my day, there wasn't anywhere near the resources we have available now. When I first started contemplating homeschooling my kids, I thought, all in one curriculum...that's great! But the more I researched, and remembering from my own experiences, I realized one size does not fit all. This is not just a hobby or something to pass the time, this is my kids education! I want to do the best for them that I can! "Eclectic" is a very broad term. As we are just getting our feet wet, I am learning so much....uhm, my kids are too of course! (EH-HEM.) I think every "method" of teaching and learning has it's list of pros and cons. I am enjoying looking into all of them. What method do you use? Do you adjust to each kids unique style, or have you found a secret? Blessings, Tiffany (taffygrinch)


  1. I also consider ourselves eclectic because we use different methods for different subjects. This is my third year and I (I mean we) are learning new ways every day!

  2. In the past I've called our way of homeschooling semi-eclectic unschooling. When my daughter was younger we used Teaching Textbooks, Time4Learning, Drive Thru History, and lots of whatever she wanted to learn more about. She is in high school now. I am still learning the ropes, and we still use Drive Thru History and sometimes TT, and yes, we are still semi-eclectic unschoolers.


  3. Leadership Education. It's a totally eclectic model in and of itself combining Charlotte Mason, Principle Approach, Classical Education, Unit Studies, Unschooling... just to name a few. We don't use much in the areas of specific subject curriculum. Each child's studies are directed toward their God-given mission in life.

    1. +Jacki Makinen, if I were to look it up..is there a specific sight? Or will just Leadership Education do the trick?

  4. Kerry Beck has an ebook entitled "Raising Leaders, Not Followers" that is geared more for how to implement and apply. The main books available (and you should be able to find them in your local library) are by Oliver DeMille. They are "A Thomas Jefferson Education" and "Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning"

    I'm hoping to put together a few blog posts about it; informational and in application. I have a full plate coming up so being able to sit down and blog is limited right now.