Thursday, April 11, 2013

"free-ish" curriculum...?!

There are LOTS of homeschooling resources available on the world wide web, no big secret right? So exactly how much curriculum can you really get for FREE? I couldn't even begin to answer that! Technically, unless someone hands you curriculum...I don't consider anything 100% free (paper, ink, ref. books, etc.) But I won't bore you with my legalistic dribble! In my "print'able'-palooza" post, I named several blogs and websights that we love, and get great printables from. There are also a good many sights that have "all inclusive" curriculum options...for free. There's still a lot of work required on your part but, if nothing else, they're good resources to have. If you're an eclectic, like me, you could take a little from here and there and intertwine it into your schoolwork schedule. Let's start at the very beginning...preschool! I've just been introduced to they have 2yr/3yr/4yr curriculum and beyond... for 2/3/4...year olds, etc. They have lesson plans, printables and suggestions for all sorts of things. I've already printed a few pages for the rotation, and I'm going to look into the Bible curriculum for next school year. Do you Charlotte Mason? offers full CM curriculum planning and resources online. (Official scheduled school starting at grade 1...although there is some info. about year 0, birth-age 5.) is a web sight with lesson plans, printables, and other, etc. for several grade levels. has links to lots of homeschooling resources, including free online tutoring?.. So, I for one, plan on utilizing what I can! Do you know of any good "free" resources? I would love to know about them!! Tiffany (taffygrinch)


  1. It's not completely 'free' but for only $15 a year there are tons of resources @