Friday, April 12, 2013

navigating the curriculum maze.. part 1

Wow! There are so many curriculum options! I've been pouring over information for months, trying to make the best choices for us. I don't want to make the rookie mistake of overdoing it, but I also don't want to miss anything! I'm planning on attending a homeschool convention in June, (so excited!) I've noticed kindergarten, seems to be an easy going grade. But, it's also when you lay the ground work for the years ahead. We are on a waiting list for a public, charter school...seems to be the best fit for us financially. Go through the local school district, have them pay for curriculum, teach at home! (Not so much, with the waiting though!) However, I still find, I will need to supplement here and there. For Bible, I'll be completely on my own. Still haven't picked a specific curriculum. Any suggestions for preK/kindergarten level? I do have a "Bible Doodles" book, (gives scripture and story, and a start for "doodles", and your kids fill in the picture acording to the story!) A veggie tales story Bible, and devo book. (We will use this with the dvds and or netflix to re-enforce the stories.) I also have an alphabetical, memory verse flip ring that I printed and laminated from And a great set of character trait cards with scripture verses! (From a link on in the calendar section.) For handwriting, I purchased "A Reason For Handwriting," and plan on using it for both Lalalicious (K) and Obi Wan (pre-K). What I like about this system, is, it's Biblically based...and the teachers guidebook covers K-6th. So, in the future, I will just get the workbooks by grade level. Reading through the teachers guide, it's very thorough, and has lots of great ideas! I also purchased "A to Z Letter Formation Practice Pages" by Scholastic, to go with the "Alpha Tales" phonetic story books, we already had. History and Geography seem to be woven together for us. I opted to go with U.S. history and geography this year, since I will have a kindergartener again, the following year. This way, we can do World History and Geography the next year, TOGETHER! I got "Road Trip U.S.A." by confessionsofahomeschooler, as well as a subscription to "Which Way USA" by Highlights for geography. A lot of the books suggested to go with this study, tie into the history of the U.S. I had already ordered! "Pleased to meet ya', America!" is a unit study offered by Steward Ship. They will work together quite nicely! In addition to these studies, we will be doing a simple continent study to get a "world scope." I highly recommend homeschoolcreations for OH SO MANY things, but specifically geography. She has very detailed *FREE* printables, by continent and recommendations for lesson plans. For this year, I only printed a few sheets from each; flag coloring pages, basic info, maps, etc. I also printed fun coloring pages and crafts from (so much fun stuff!) Well, I guess I'll wrap up part one here. Coming soon: N.T.C.M. part 2! Tiffany (taffygrinch) Kindersomething contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission on purchases made through these links. See my "Disclosure Policy," in "Pages."


  1. Looks good! Thanks for mentioning the Bible Doodles I'm going to go check them out.

    1. Amber....I got mine at Sam's club, if that helps!