Monday, November 4, 2013

An Ideal Homeschool Day?

What's your ideal homeschool day? Mine? Well, my kids would sleep past 6, for starters! Next, everyone is eager to jump into the day. I have one volunteering to help with breakfast, and another clearing the dishes and cleaning up. And then, begins the school day... they all sit quietly and work efficiently. Every concept and idea is grasped and understood, the first time. There is no lesson planning, you just open the book and go. Sounds nice. I might as well throw in that the house magically cleans itself, the laundry does itself and puts itself away, so on. (One more..) I don't have to find the time, motivation or energy to work out! While that sounds practically perfect, I live in reality. I do have hope of a somewhat organized life...someday. But, in the mean time, I feel extremely grateful that I don't have to be perfect. It is a hard OCD struggle to let go of, but I am always met with failure when trying to be perfect. Because, I can't ever be perfect. I thank God every day, that He is. I am finding that being thankful is a great alternative to my negative tendencies! Especially in this season of thanks, I love my family!