Saturday, May 18, 2013

Winding down..or gearing up?

It seems everyone is winding down for summer. We, on the other hand are gearing up! Having said that, we have been on a light schedule since Easter! It's been, nice. Relaxing, might not be the word, but "nice." Since we haven't "officially" started Kindergarten yet, (which I feel funny saying, since she's been working at a Kindergarten level for two we have started. But not officially.) There's no PRESSURE. However, I am feeling it closing in on me, as far as getting everything ready to go and what not. I am excited to dive in, which is why I am GEARING UP. I feel pretty together as far as, getting it done. This last year has been my trial and error/ trial run. So to speak. I know we can get the work done. But I feel I am treading water, when it comes to this "official" business. I guess I just need to keep praying and plug away! Right? So now... I am focusing on our summer learning! I want to bridge any rough areas, but mostly, have fun and keep their little brains awake! As I may have mentioned a few times before, we LOVE themed printable packs! So I'm pouring over my pin boards, and collecting resources to have a splendid summer! What do you do for summer learning? And, how do you organize your work? Tiffany (taffygrinch)


  1. We have fun during summer school! This year i am making certain that my littles are working on areas that they feel they need help with. God Bless :)

  2. I think we will pretty much continue the way we have been, (backed off), he was resisting and fighting us so we bscked off and we only do the things he is interested in, but we generally work for about 2 to 3 weeks and then take a few days off anyway, so we will continue in that manner.

  3. THis year will be my first official year homeschooling. I did summer homeschooling last year and she did a year and half's worth of homeschooling during the summer. We are excited about homeschooling and any materials I looked up online and booked marked she has already started on. During the summer we will work on whatever she wants to work on but when school time starts it will be a schedule with their lessons. However I would not be surprised if she will have completed several of the units by then which will give us free time for appts, sick days, field trips and holidays.