Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prioritizing... Organized Chaos (chapter 2)

I am amazed, at how quickly things can get jumbled! I was doing pretty good at "keeping up with my stuff." And then? Well, I don't know what happened..exactly. I got in a nice smooth pattern, the house was pretty clean, things were getting done, I was working out. Now? Ehr, well.. not so much. In my striving to be organized & prepared, I got buried in an information avalanche! I mean, have you seen how much stuff is out there? Anyway, I was looking so far ahead, (because, I am so excited!!) that, I've lost sight of where I need to be right now! So, that being said. Let me take a deep breath, and a few large steps backwards. Whew, I feel better already! It's fantastic to find resources and tools to tuck away in your back pocket. (Just stick those babies on a pin board, if you know what i mean!) But, I need to PRIORITIZE! "First things first." So you've printed up hundreds upon hundreds of pages, now what? Organize, categorize and find a place to put them! For loose pages I have either been putting them in sheet protectors and then into binders (clearly labeled.) Or, using expandable files that I get from the $ spot at T@rget. And then, they go into the bookshelf or appropriate drawer. I haven't found the right groove for my "supplies" yet. (Pencils, pens, rulers, staples, craft supplies, paper, manipulative pieces, etc.) We have very limited storage in our house, so I'm always trying to make what we have work for us! Have I mentioned that I have an almost two year old, who thinks EVERYTHING is for him? That presents another storage challenge as well, keep the TOT out of the schoolwork!? Any child proof, storage ideas? Tiffany (taffygrinch) (Kindersomething contains affiliate links. See my "Disclosure Policy" in pages.)


  1. I use one of those little rolling carts with 3 drawers. It is only about 12 inches wide and maybe 13 or 14 inches deep, but the drawers are not that easily opened once full of supplies, at least I don't think a TOT could do it. This gives me room for all that and I usually keep my stapler and a pretty flower pot with paint brushes and pencils, scissors, my box of grout :) etc on top, so you might have to move those things around just a bit. But they are also not all that expensive.

  2. oh sorry, for worksheets and notebooking pages yet printed out ahead of time I use one of those big 4" binders with dividers by subject. IT is definitely too heavy for a TOT almost for me, that way I can do printing only maybe once per month or even maybe quarter. They cost a bit maybe $15 but well worth it to me.

    1. I like the "binder of doom" idea, but I will still have to keep it out of reach...tearing out pages is big in this house :( Thanks!

  3. No prob, sometimes I feel like tearing out pages myself. So I know how it feels. :)