Monday, April 22, 2013

Navigating the curriculum maze: part 2

Is there a survival guide for choosing curriculum? I know... one size does NOT fit all! As I mentioned in part 1, I've been researching and compiling for months. And yet, I still have so far to go! Since I'm WAITING.. to hear about charter school, (patience Tiff!) And, the homeschool convention I'm attending, isn't till June (can't wait to get my hands and eyeballs on some stuff!) I will continue this series, with what I DO have. I plan on reading, at least 4 classic books (outloud) this next year. We will be using confessionsofahomeschooler 's Literature unit studies for: Black Beauty, Charlottes Web, Little House In The Big Woods, and Alice In Wonderland. (She also has a great Scientists and Inventors series. Good stuff, people!) In addition to literature, we will be doing confessions' Greatist Artists(1) and Composers studies. I am currently using her Letter Of The Week and K4 curriculum(s.) And will continue using them for Obi Wans PreK. A side note on the PreK & K4 curriculum: They are FULL curriculums, with lesson plans, etc. I go through and JUST print what we will use or need to save on printing. (Here is a SMALL sample) *UPDATE ON GEOGRAPHY* since the last post, I was so thrilled to see that Little Passports came out with a USA edition!!! And so, yes! We will be traveling this fine country, with Sam and Sofia as well. YAY! For Health: I printed a few unit studies, and I also got Human Body Detectives. H.B.D. is recommended for first grade up, but we'll probably still use it as an intro. 'Licious loves stories! The audio c.d.'s and workbook's are great! There are stickers and mazes, word searches, etc. Well, my friday is slipping away. More to come! Tiffany (taffygrinch)

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