Monday, April 1, 2013

Get out of town! (no really)

Whether it's a holiday trip, a visit to the Grandparents, or just a day away from home... traveling happens. (AND, is one of the many perks to homeschooling!) While it IS easier, NOT to pack up school work... it can be a fun endeavor...(hear me out!) Sometimes, we just NEED to get out of the house! Doing school in a different location can break up the monotony. Then, there are holiday and family gatherings. I'm not saying you should do school ALL the time, never taking a should!!! However, doing some light work, keeps their brains engaged and gives some consistency (always helpful when we're not at home.) My family, lives a solid 4 hour drive away. Not the worst situation. But, it's far enough away that we only see them occassionally. I love that I can pack our bags, go for a visit, and not be "missing" school. I realize that packing up, what feels like your entire school room, can be daunting (especially with multiple kids at different levels.) I just try to keep it as basic and simple as possible. If you can, work ahead on some you don't have to bring every subject. Or, instead of bringing your books, make copies of the pages you NEED and stick them in a binder. As, I am preparing for a trip right now, I thought I would snap a few pics. One bag of work. So, what's in the bag? 2 magnetic dry erase boards. 2 Daily Learning Notebooks (calendar, weather, time, shapes, colors, #"s, name writing practice,.. etc.) 2 drawing instruction books. 1 expandable file with all our loose worksheets and laminated pages. 1 4x6 photo flip book with flash cards in it, to use with dry erase markers. 3 dry erase markers. 1 box of crayons, and 1 box of dot markers. Babushka (my mom,) has plenty of books, pencils, pens, paper... so, I don't need to pack them! It may be overwhelming, but, it CAN be a rewarding experience (for you and your kids...and the get the idea!) What about IN the car? Well... every trip is different. Sometimes it's Great! Everyone is happy, and patient, and quiet... Others, well, lets just say, "NO." We DO watch D.V.D's (Mommy has to keep her sanity, after all!) Listen to C.D.'s, I keep sticker books and various other books handy. And, ofcourse, there's the iPad and Innotab. Sometimes I'll take the time to put together travel projects I see on pinterest...I said, sometimes. My favorite 5 minute failsafe? SNACKS! Tiffany (taffygrinch)

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