Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The new kid on the blog.

Hi. I'm new here. In fact, consider this blog.."under construction." Let me introduce myself.I am a stay at home, homeschooling, coffee drinking, Disney loving, Christian, wife and Mom. As I am gearing up to start my oldest daughter "Lalalicious" (age 5) in kindergarten this upcoming school year... I often joke that "I" am the one going into kindergarten at thirtysomething! There is so much to learn. So, I decided to journal our adventures. Hence, kindersomething. I have been so inspired by other moms, friends and blogs, and I wanted to share my experiences. Getting started: I know that if I'm not prepared, i will get swallowed whole! So I've started getting my "stuff" together. Here are a few pictures of our school "prep." Humble beginnings, to say the least. 1.)I started a small "tot" area for my youngest.."Super Why." (18 mo.) 2.)We transformed our old drop side crib into a desk...You see my middle son, "Obi Wan" (age 3) by the converted desk. Pictures 3-5.)Are shelves, boxes, magazine files, workboxes and baskets (I'm still figuring out my storage system.) 6.)Some portable baskets that I can move to and "FROM" our dining room table, where we do most of our work. The "FROM" part is very important, so we have somewhere to eat! What would i do without my laminator, magnetic dry erase boards, and a plethora of supplies from the dollar store? Well, more planning and organizing to do! Looking forward to our many adventures. Thanks for stopping by, Tiffany "taffygrinch"


  1. Welcome to blogging! I will recommend you modify your text color and font. It is really hard to read. It may be boring but I recommend a really clear font. You want folks to read it after all. Save the creativity for the content and photos!

    1. Thank you! I am sooooo lost! I will take font, etc. into account!

  2. font seems ok, but could be larger, but then I am half blind anyway, so what do I know. Your photos of your organization are off the chart, wish I had that much organization going on or even the room to try.