Friday, March 22, 2013

Psalm 91:4...Wingshadow

"..and under his wings you will find refuge." Growing up, we sort of stumbled into "ranch life." I had always lived in the city...well, a town really. Then my parents got this crazy idea about living up on a hill (seemed like a mountain to me,) away from the noise (in the middle of NOWHERE!) So on, so forth. I had mixed feelings about this. I was excited to have lots of land to "explore." And getting chickens, ducks, and turkeys (I now understand why being called a turkey is an insult!) That was all fun and unknown. But living 20 WHOLE MINUTES away from civilization....are you kidding me?! Well anyway, it was a learning and growing experience for all of be sure! {Don't even ask about decapitating evil roosters and walking horse pooh! A.K.A. tarantulas} Mom was keen on naming the "homestead," so, lots of ideas later, we finally landed on "Wingshadow Ranch." Essentially meaning, under the cover of His wings. I never gave it much thought, until recently. Now, I live IN the city. Like... you have to drive quite a ways (more than 20 minutes,).. to find "country." Or we can visit a "country-in-the-box" (a well maintained garden or "wilderness" for a small- fee.) Being a late-blooming introvert (didn't really like solitude till about age 18,) I never fully appreciated it while I was there. During those "roughing it" years, I truly began to understand "quiet" time with God. I could go anywhere on the ranch, and have peace and quiet. Unless, I was next to the chickens or ducks....they were talkers! ANYWAYS, being homeschooled, I often took my work outside. I very clearly felt Gods presence and refuge. Now.. I would LOVE to be secluded on my mountain! With three boisterous children and the constant noise pollution that comes with the city, it's hard to find peace. There are SOME quiet moments, but very few. I am writing this to encourage you, and remind myself, to seek out the refuge of His wings. Even when everything is noisy, and crazy... Or, not. Take comfort. Tiffany (taffygrinch)

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