Monday, March 25, 2013

Utilizing Bargain Resources..

I am all about a good deal. To me, that means, quality, as well as a good price! Certain things, are absolutely worth every penny. But, that doesn't mean you can't find it at a bargain price! Obviously, homeschooling parents don't have an abundance of "spare" time. And, in a lot of cases, there aren't buckets of money laying around either! If you have the time..."RESEARCH!" would be my #1 piece of advice. There is a world of information, products, and services out there. And, if you look hard enough, you can get a DEAL. Now... searching endlessly for the "BEST" deal can be exhausting, and down right frustrating. If you have it in you to keep up with sales and coupons, etc. my hat is off to you! Whenever I catch a sale, it's usually just happy, happenstance. I like to know what I'm looking for. Read up on curriculum, projects and results, systems, etc.. Find a few blogs and websights you trust, and hunker down. Read up on everything that could apply to you. Read reviews.. (keep your students AND your teaching style in mind, as you read.) Talk to fellow homeschoolers, about their favorites (and not-so-favorites,) and why. And, (this is the fun part,) SHOP! Window shop at first. Books, toys, supplies, till you drop. Then, research some more (this may involve more dropping..or drooping!) There are used curriculum sales all over..including but not limited to: ebay, yard sales, homeschool conferences... so on. *See my previous post's on thrift shopping for books, and dollar store deals in blog archive!* But, I don't want to overlook, DISCOUNT stores! I make a pilgrimage out to the local "discount department stores," often. You know, Ro$$, Mar$hall$, +j Max, etc. I scan through, toys, books, and other slightly random sections, and find legitimate deals! Here are a few (poorly taken,) pictures of some of the books, workbooks, games, toys, etc. that we aquired for a bargain. WORD TO THE WISE: Always check packaging carefully! Make sure it hasn't been opened or broken. Sometimes there's a reason they are discounted! Enjoy the "hunt"... Tiffany (taffygrinch)

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