Thursday, March 7, 2013

The art of the thrift "score!" relates to books.

Thrift shopping is, in my opinion, an art. It requires determination, patience (especially with 3 young children along,) and a trained eye. While I could apply this theme to a wide variety of topics, I am going to be discussing books. Books, wonderful books! As homeschoolers, and quite frankly, humans; we need, eat, sleep, breath, digest, and of course, READ books. I have swiftly discovered how expensive this schooling endeavor can be. We love and frequent our local library, but you can't always count on them having every single resource you need, when you need it! I am a huge advocate of the wonderful world of Amazon (where you can find just about anything you are looking for!) And other such establishments. But, this post is about unearthing hidden treasures. WITHOUT the shipping! First things first! Know your sources. If you don't know where your local thrift stores are, look it up! is an online directory, just type in your zip code! Next, get ready to dig. It takes a lot of scouring, to score a find. If, like me, you have your kids with you, be prepared! I always have at least a single stroller with me, if not a double(keep the little one(s) contained!) I immediately locate the children's books and pick several for each to (quietly) look through. Snacks can be handy as well. Then, roll up your sleeves(you may want to wear gloves!) and start searching. We have found so many great "off the grid" resources. Here are a few pictures of our most recent scores. Well, that wraps it up for the thrift score.. Have a blessed weekend! taffygrinch

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  1. The thing that amazes me about the thrift stores si that it cost next to nothing to obtain usually good quality materials, whether it is books or other items. I shop thrift stores in my area first always before going anywhere else.