Friday, March 22, 2013

Teachable "tot" moments

Each of my kids is VERY different! Lalalicious (5,) is definitely a first born! Independent, extrovert, type-A all the way! Obi-Wan (3,) is my sensitive, introverted observer. And then, there's Super Why. From the beginning, he seemed to be the most easy going, quiet, happy guy. While he is still all of those things, now (at 18 mo.,) he is also my most stubborn (which is no easy feat, considering my other two!) He thinks he can and should do anything he wants. If brother and sister are doing it, he certainly can, right...? It's been a learning experience (at least for me, not sure it's clicking with him yet...please God, let it be sinking in!) While trying to teach Licious and Obi at the table, Super Why thinks he can get up there too. I should clarify "up there," He is a CLIMBER. "Up there," to him, means ON the table, grabbing everything! So, while the big kids are doing school, i try to make him feel included, if possible. I've started setting up "stations" for him. A place where, he's close by...but, not ON the table! I fill boxes or baskets with different items for him to "sort" and seperate and then put back..etc. Group activities, like, Bible, reading, dance breaks (there are lots of those!,) etc... he is an active (hyper-active) part of. It's also nice being in the kitchen area, I can give him snacks at his booster (locked in, for small portions of time!) I have just started wrapping my head around tot school. My take on it, is taking time specifically for your toddler, and "teaching" them. Ofcourse, every moment you have with your kids is a "teachable" moment. I'm talking about getting on the floor with them and letting them lead (at first.) Grab a few books or toys, and talk with them about the colors, count items, open and close the book saying "open" and "close," etc. I have designated some dollar store stacking shelves for his "school." It's been hard for me to stop whatever I'm doing and just be in the moment (their attention span doesn't last much longer than a moment, as is!) But, they are so smart! They take so much in. I am amazed and surprised every day! In these small moments, I find calm and peace. Carisa over at 1+1+1=1 has great advice, and so many Tot School ideas! Grab those moments, when you can!.. Tiffany (taffygrinch)

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